Monday, November 9, 2009

Ok, so today we had a parent teacher conference with Dillon's teachers. If you know anyone with a special needs child you know how stressful this can be.....surprise it went great. He has a special needs teacher that he had a few years ago. SHE IS WONDERFUL! Dillon really likes her and likes his 4th grade teacher. This makes for a very good year! Dillon is changing classes this year, something I thought would cause a major breakdown but no, he seems to love it. Change is not usually good for Dillon but for some reason he has had no problems with changing classes! I do want to share a letter he wrote for school. They all wrote letters to soldiers and this is Dillon's!

Dear Soldier,
Hi I am a fourth grader at _______ in Middletown. How do you put land mines in the ground? and tell Terry I said Hi. I'm Dillon. Your doing good at fighting. I'll be rooting for you. When I grow up I'll be in the army. Good luck!
Dillon Blake

Isn't that the cutest thing? Terry is my cousin that is in the Airforce. I'm so excited that he is doing well in school. The problems that they were seeing were social. That is typical of a child with Autism. Dillon has a hard time making friends. He tries so hard! It makes me as a mother want to go to the other children and say, IF YOU GIVE HIM A CHANCE YOU WILL KNOW HOW WONDERFUL HE IS! Obviously I don't but as a mother I want to!

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